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Baby sleepsuit with a zipper – Teddy Bears



A babysuit is an indispensable element in every layette. It is the most comfortable clothes for both mum and baby. It does not have any elastic bands, it does not press on a tiny belly. Babyly rompers with feet are zipped with a soft two-sided zipper along the entire length of the rompers from the feet to the shoulder (so to the shoulder, far from the baby’s neck). Two-way zipper makes it easy to scroll. You can unfasten it from the bottom to change the diaper without cooling the baby down. There is a pleat under the zipper so that the zipper does not come into contact with the baby’s skin.

We created rompers in our studio in Krakow from Polish ribbed knit, which works great and does not restrict the baby’s movements, adjusts to the body. It provides the toddler with comfort and freedom. This knit is fleshy and cuddly.

Babysuit with zipped feet are available in sizes 56-68, larger sizes 74-86 have open feet, thanks to which the baby has better grip, it is easier for him to glide on the ground or get up in the bed.

COLOR: beige (Due to individual monitor settings – the color may be slightly different from the picture)
MATERIAL: 100% cotton
SIZE: selectable

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