Baby Swaddles

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Showing 1–12 of 19 results

Swaddling for babies – a large size diaper

Soon it will be 9 months of your pregnancy and your beloved baby will finally appear in the world. For him it will be a huge challenge, after so long spent in a tight and warm mum’s belly, he will go to the big world. The swaddles will allow you to hug him and remind him of how safe he felt with you. Delicate and soft materials will make it feel very comfortable.

Not only swaddles for babies – a blanket, towel and diaper in one

We use covers for wrapping babies and covering them. They can also be used as a diaper. From my own experience, I also recommend using them as bath towels (especially during trips). Linen and cotton (e.g. cotton muslin) perfectly absorb water and dry very quickly.

BabyLy swaddles for babies are made of soft, very cuddly linen or cotton muslin, which is your favorite.