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Showing all 9 results

Baldchim for children – a unique decoration
A canopy suspended in a child’s room will make it easy for you to move into the world of fairy tales and magic. This gadget will be a beautiful decoration, it will effectively mute the space, and thanks to the inner loop you can attach a mobile or delicate lights in it. Canopies for children can be hung anywhere on the ceiling, and a mat can be placed on the floor. In this way, we will create the perfect place for creative play. Canopies can also be a great alternative to teepee tents for children.

What should children’s canopies be made of?

Children’s baldachin should be made of natural fabrics that provide air circulation. If the baby is wrapped in natural fabric, he can still breathe through it. Canopies made of natural materials are those made of cotton (batiste, muslin) and linen.

Canopies for children – how are they made and how to install them?

The canopy frame is a metal hoop with a diameter of 50 cm, which is tied with strings. It can be easily disassembled and the canopy can be washed. Attaching to the ceiling is also easy, thanks to the hook included in the kit.