Embroidered kids canopy – ecru


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  • beautiful openwork canopy made of embroidered cotton that provides air flow,
  • inside the canopy there is a tape for hanging pendants, lights and other decorations that allow you to create a magical place in the child’s room,
  • the canopy can hang over the bed, limiting direct sunlight (such a solution often extends the morning sleep of our children) or over the play mat where kids can create their base.
  • a canopy is a great gift idea for children
  • the set includes a hookOur canopy will become a great place to play.

    The canopy can be used by infants. Hanged above the cot, and then the bed, it will act as a mosquito net and reduce direct sunlight to the cot. For slightly older children, it is the perfect place to play. This simple decoration for a child’s room develops the imagination. You will see for yourself how quickly it will become a base, home, kingdom or a place for reading together. To create a beautiful and cozy corner, you can also see play mats and pillows.
    Each canopy is made of thin cotton, which allows air to pass through freely. The long hanging strap allows you to adjust the height of the canopy above the floor. An additional internal tape allows hanging accessories such as decorations, lights or garlands in the middle of the canopy. The canopy is mounted on a metal rim, which you can easily remove when, for example, you want to wash the canopy.
    The set includes a hook for mounting the canopy.

    COLOR: ecru
    (Due to individual monitor settings – the color may be slightly different from the picture)
    MATERIAL: 100% embroidered cotton
    DIMENSIONS: diameter approx. 50 cm, total length approx. 230 cm + 70 cm of tape.