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Showing 1–12 of 22 results

Babynest – as safe as in a mother’s tummy

Babynest are a relatively new product on the market of baby’s gadgets, but mums all over the world quickly fell in love with them and began to take advantage of their unique possibilities. Babynest limit the space, allow the baby to calm down and feel securely wrapped in familiar scents and uniform colors. The babynest will work in a cot, parents’ bed, on a sofa or on the terrace in summer. It is an ideal place to sleep at home as well as during trips.

Babynest – made of natural fabrics

We create baby nests by hand. The inner fabrics always remain natural, so that the baby’s skin can breathe freely, even on warm days. The color of the cocoons inside is single-color. In this way, we limit the number of stimuli affecting the child, which allows the child to effectively calm down. Baby cocoons are also a great background for all swaddling and blankets available on the market;) The baby cocoon is filled with a certified foam mattress and an anti-allergic silicone ball.

Baby cocoons – a gift for a baby shower

A babynest is a great gift idea. Perfect for a baby shower and as a welcome gift for a newborn baby. A toddler will use it up to 6 months of age, and maybe even a little longer.