Pacifier clips

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Showing all 10 results

Pacifier clips – always within reach

Every parent knows how important a pacifier is for a baby. It not only satisfies the need for suckling, but also helps to calm the baby down. Parents also know what a frantic search for this gadget looks like in a crisis situation. The solution to the problem are pacifier pendants available in our offer. Made of light fabric, they are light and do not cause the teat to fall out of the baby’s mouth. In addition, thanks to their delicacy, they do not leave marks during sleep. Pacifier chains available in several colors are a great complement to the layette. In the case of slightly older children, the pendants allow you to use it yourself at a time convenient for the toddler.

Pacifier clips – for occasional and everyday use

The pacifier clip protects your toddler’s favorite gadget from falling onto dirty ground. This is especially important in situations where we do not have access to water, e.g. while walking or traveling. White pendants, finished with delicate embroidery, are perfect for the Baptism ceremony.