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Showing all 6 results

Children’s play mats – perfect for playing on the floor

Every parent knows that children most often play on the floor. This is where babies spend most of their time, which allows them to develop new skills. On the other hand, the elderly discover the world through various types of puzzles, playing with dolls, vehicles, etc. This is why Babyly’s offer has been expanded to include play mats. It is a practical gadget that can also be used in the garden or on the terrace. Play mats complement teepee tents and canopies and will surely become a great element of a children’s room decor.

Play mats for children and babies – colors

The play mats we offer are made of plain-colored fabrics, which makes it easy to find colorful toys on them. Importantly, they do not distract the toddler while playing. They allow you to focus on specific elements or activities, such as arranging puzzles. Such a mat is also great for babies. A single-color background will allow you to see the first contrasting toys or books without any problems.

Play mats for children and babies – 100% handmade

We create play mats by hand. We fill them with certified foam, thanks to which they are soft, warm and provide comfort even during an unexpected nap on the floor;) We make every effort to ensure that the fabrics we choose are of the best quality and serve you and us as long as possible. We pay attention to the comfort and health of children. Keeping mats clean is extremely simple. They can be vacuumed, the cover is machine washable, and the foam itself can also be washed from time to time.