Baby wraps

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Showing 1–12 of 27 results

3-in-1 baby cones – a must have for every layette

Completing a layette for babies is a real challenge. It certainly includes a wrap, which is often included in the list of essential items that should be reported to the hospital before or immediately after delivery. Babyly wrap for babies are tied with ribbons that are not permanently attached to the mats. This allows the wrap to be used as bedding for babies or changing and playing mats.

Baby wrap – like in Mum’s belly

We use the baby cradle from the first moments of life, even in summer. The newborn baby feels warm and safe in it, the slightly limited movement reminds him of the time spent in his mother’s belly. Baby  sleeper makes it easier to hold your baby. It also works well when visiting when everyone wants to say hello and pick up a new family member.

Baby wrap – made of linen or cotton

Baby wrap, just like other products, are handmade. We only use natural fabrics, so that the baby’s skin can breathe freely even on warm days. Natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton, are completely safe, have thermoregulation properties (they keep body heat) and hygroscopic (they drain water from the child’s skin). Baby sleeper is filled with certified antiallergic filling.