Car seat swaddles

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Showing 1–12 of 16 results

The category includes original covers for the BabyLy car seat. This is one of the obligatory elements of a baby’s winter layette. Gadgets of this type protect the baby from the cold while driving and are an additional cover when, for example, parents carry a child in a special carrier. The swaddles are designed in such a way that they perfectly match the shape of this type of seat. They provide children with maximum comfort and warmth!

Why is it worth investing in covers for the car seat?

The form of the covers for the car seat resembles standard blankets. These are only appearances, because the whole thing is designed to maintain all the properties of the seat and ensure a safe journey for your child. The swaddles are therefore equipped with special holes for belts. In addition, their interiors are lined with warmer material, thanks to which the entire gadget effectively protects against cooler gusts of air. The sizes of the swaddles are not accidental. The whole is dedicated to the most popular car seats and carriers, thanks to which the excess material does not hang freely and is not exposed to dirt.

What do the seat covers give?

The covers for baby carriers primarily provide warmth. Although modern cars heat up quickly, it is very cool as soon as you enter a vehicle. The swaddle will prevent the baby from getting cold, which in extreme cases may result in a troublesome cold.

The swaddles are very comfortable and universal. They can be used not only for car seats, but also for some  first strollers. Their use is really wide!

BabyLy car seat swaddles – what distinguishes them?

We sew our swaddles entirely by hand, according to original designs. We offer original products, made out of love for children. We offer our clients various designs that perfectly match the current trends. We only use natural and safe fabrics. Therefore, the covers for the baby slings do not irritate the skin and do not cause allergic reactions.

The products are easily attached to the seat. It is possible to unfasten the swaddle on warmer days.