Baby car seat cover/ car seat cocoon – Velvet – cream



  • allows you to fasten the baby with belts without additional clothes and fabrics under the back,
  • fits for almost car seat,
  • very simple assembly,
  • Zipper allows you to quickly close and unfasten the cover,
  • The fur (artificial fur) on the hood limits the access of the wind,
  • reflective tape around the cover, which will improve your visibility in autumn and winter
  • On cold days or in the case of long walks, you can cover the baby with an additional blanket, the cover will keep the temperature and blanket,
  • The cover protects against wind and is waterproof.

Protect your baby from the harsh elements without compromising on safety with our deluxe baby car seat cover. Expertly designed with both the parent and child in mind, here’s why our car seat cover stands out:

Safety First: Our unique design allows you to secure your baby using car seat belts without the interference of additional clothes or fabrics under the back. Your baby’s safety is paramount, and with our car seat cover, you don’t have to make any trade-offs. Additionally, we placed a reflective tape around the cover, which will improve your visibility in autumn and winter dark days.

Universal Fit: No more second-guessing; our car seat cover is crafted to fit almost all car seats. Whether you have different car seat brands, our cover is versatile and adaptable.

Quick Access with Zipper Design: Whether you’re rushing to a meeting with pediatrician or bracing for a sudden weather change, our easy zipper feature allows for quick closure and unfastening. It ensures that your baby remains protected, and you can easily adjust the cover to the weather.

Premium Wind Resistance: The waterproof textille and artificial fur on the hood not only adds a touch of elegance but also crucially limits wind access. Your little one stays warm and undisturbed, even on those gusty days.

Adaptable for Colder Climates: Planning a long stroll on a chilly day? Simply layer an additional blanket over your baby. Our cover is specially designed to retain warmth, ensuring that the blanket stays snug and will not fall out of the carrier.

All-Weather Protection: Whether it’s a sudden downpour or a windy afternoon, our cover is both waterproof and windproof, guaranteeing your baby remains dry and comfortable in all conditions.

Make every journey comfortable, safe, and stylish for your little one with our deluxe baby car seat cover. Embrace peace of mind knowing that your baby is protected against the elements while also being safely secured in their car seat.

Handmade product, made in Poland.