About us



The brand with many ideas.
Babyly was created for children and their parents. We create accessories that make motherhood easier for mothers and getting to know the world for the youngest. We tested the products not only on ourselves. We know that you value fabrics with certificates, we will use them. We sew your orders in our own studio in Krakow (Poland), with attention to every detail. Sometimes orders travel all over the world, and we do not forget about ecology – we pack ecologically and sensibly.

How it all started


The search for a new hobby led me to a short sewing course on a machine. The birth of Kazio (my godson) a few months later and the desire to give him a hand-made gift led to the creation of the first blanket. I created the first babynest for another family member… After some time the Babyly was created.
I sewed my first products with my own hands, they were single pieces that were made in the comfort of my apartment. Currently, I am a mother of a small boy (maybe not so small anymore) – tester of most products. You can see him in many photos because it is impossible to do anything without him. Basing on my own and my relatives’ maternal experiences, I try to meet all children’s needs to an even greater extent, making it easier for moms to look after their children from the first moments of their lives.

How it looks now?


We work in the Studio in Krakow, we sew your things to order, which is why it is so easy for us to make individual changes to your orders. We do not have a warehouse, we do not create products in stock – this sustainable approach helps us take better care of the planet. We ship all over the world, but we pack packages ecologically and compactly. Our team is mostly moms. Sew for children – now for your <3