Changing mat covers

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Showing all 5 results

Changing mat covers – beautiful and practical

Most of the available changing mats are finished with a plastic covering that is unpleasant in contact with the skin. Our pastel covers for the changing mat, made of natural fabric, ensuring comfort for your baby while changing. The Babyly changing pad covers allow you to adjust the size, so that every mother will find the perfect model. The sheets are finished with an elastic band, which makes it much easier to keep the children’s room clean. Additionally, thanks to the use of soft fabrics, the baby’s corner becomes cozier. The covers create a perfect duo in combination with a baby pillow under the head. Such a set increases the comfort of the toddler while changing.

Changing mat covers – linen is good for everything

It is no coincidence that our covers are made of soft linen. Resistant to dirt and odors, it does not require frequent washing. In summer, it absorbs moisture while leaving the skin dry and does not cause chafing. In winter, it helps to maintain body temperature. In addition, it does not cause allergies, so it is perfect for contact with very delicate baby skin.