Elastic swaddle – oh baby!



Made of natural cotton fabric, decorated with Oh Baby! embroidery. in a delicate beige color. It is an ideal choice for children with delicate skin. Thanks to its breathable structure, it helps keep your baby’s skin dry, breathable and healthy.

Our flexible baby wrap allows you to swaddle your baby easily while allowing him or her freedom of movement. It is particularly effective in reducing the Moro reflex – a sudden body shock that most often affects a toddler’s hands. Thanks to this, the baby wakes up and cries less often.

“Oh Baby!” it’s not just a swaddle. is a soft, delicate blanket that will accompany your child during naps and night sleep.

It is a practical gift, a symbol of love, care and warmth. Thanks to the tight wrapping, the baby is reminded of the conditions in the mother’s womb. Our “Oh Baby!” swaddle. – wraps your child in love from the first days of his life. Take care of your baby’s comfort and enjoy the joy of being a mother!

SIZE: 120×120 cm +/- 3 cm
COLOR: shade of white (Due to individual monitor settings – the color may differ slightly from the photo)
MATERIAL: 100% cotton

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