linen baby wrap beige
linen baby wrap beige
rożek niemowlęcy lniany beżowy wiązany
rożek niemowlęcy lniany beżowy wiązany
rożek niemowlęcy lniany beżowy wiązany
rożek niemowlęcy lniany beżowy wiązany
rożek niemowlęcy lniany beżowy wiązany
rożek niemowlęcy lniany beżowy wiązany
lniany rożek niemowlęcy beżowy

Linen baby wrap – beige



An obligatory element of the children’s layette

It is difficult to imagine a toddler’s layette without a baby wrap. It’s a gadget that parents have been using for generations. The traditional wrap allows a newly born baby to feel as comfortable as in its mother’s tummy. The product effectively wraps the baby, provides him with adequate warmth and a sense of security. Thanks to this, it is easier for a toddler to calm down, calm down and relax. It is worth thinking about buying a swaddle at the beginning of completing the layette, the more that it is already useful in the hospital, almost immediately after the baby is born.

Unique beige linen wrap

We present a wrap designed with the comfort of our youngest customers in mind. The product is 100% handmade using certified, high-quality materials. The washed linen, from which the wrapping was made, is pleasant to the touch and does not irritate the delicate skin of the baby. The fabric has thermoregulation properties. On cold days, it effectively warms the toddler, and in summer it gives him a pleasant feeling of coolness. On the other hand, the beige material means that the swaddle should fit most children’s rooms, no matter what style they are decorated in. It will work best with interiors decorated in conservative, pastel colors.

How to use our wrap?

Initially, the swaddle is primarily used as a classic baby wrap, which makes it easier to grab and lift the baby. Over time, however, the use of the product becomes much wider. The folded wrap becomes something like a topponcino, i.e. a mattress that makes it easier to carry or feed a child. When resolved, it can be used, for example, as a blanket, first quilt or a play mat. There are many possibilities!

Made of safe fabrics with certificates

  • COLOR: beige (the color may differ slightly from the photos, due to the individual settings of the user’s monitor. Colours of raw materils of components of products may vary depending on production batches. It is not a produkction defect.)
  • MATERIAL: 100% linen
  • FILLING: silicone non-woven fabric
  • DIMENSIONS: 70 cm × 70 cm
    ATTENTION:The product should be used under parental supervision.

Handmade product, made in Poland (manufacture in Krakow).

Additional information

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