Baby sleeping bag – Teddy – Cream



Introducing our Baby Sleeping Bag, a harmonious blend of safety, comfort, and convenience. This product ensures your baby won’t kick off the covers, providing a snug sleep environment all night long. Enhanced safety features prevent your baby from covering their head with loose bedding, reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

This sleeping bag doesn’t restrict movement, instead, it offers your baby the freedom to move comfortably while sleeping, fostering better rest and development. Its adaptable design includes snaps under the arms, making it suitable for newborns from their earliest days. As your baby grows, these snaps can be easily unfastened for continued use.

Equipped with a TOG rating of 1.5, our sleeping bag provides the right level of warmth for a variety of room temperatures. Made with teddy fabric on the outside and soft 100% cotton on the inside, this product ensures breathable and plush comfort for your baby.

One of the standout features of this product is the benefits it offers parents. With our sleeping bag, the days of constantly checking if your little one has kicked off their covers are gone. This leads to peaceful, undisturbed sleep for you. Our Baby Sleeping Bag is not just an investment in the safety and comfort of your baby, but also in your restful sleep.

S 70 cm
M 85 cm (from 6 months)

Handmade product, made in Poland.

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