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Baby Sleeping Bag: The Perfect Blend of Practicality and Comfort!

When selecting the right sleeping bag for your little one, comfort and safety are your top priorities. We want you to know that our product offers both these features and so much more! The ideal sleeping bag for infants that grows with them!

Why choose our baby sleeping bag?

Practicality in every inch: A specially positioned zipper, 3/4 of the way around the sleeping bag and concealed under a subtle pleat, allows for easy diaper changes. Even when the baby’s asleep!

Hassle-free dressing: A snap on the shoulder makes putting a sleeping baby into the sleeping bag easier than ever.

Breathable fabric: Made of 100% cotton, our sleeping bag allows the skin to breathe, ensuring comfort for your child all night long.

Variety of thickness: Choose between 1 TOG, 1.5 TOG, or 2.5 TOG – adjust the sleeping bag to the temperature conditions in your home or season.

Long-lasting use: With additional side snaps, the sleeping bag is perfect for newborns. As your baby grows, just unfasten the side snaps to enjoy the product for even longer.

Material: 100% cotton.

1 TOG – without filling,
1.5 TOG – with cotton filling,
2.5 TOG – with silicone filling.

The safe sleep of your baby is our priority. This baby sleeping bag is recommended by childbirth education classes because of its safe use – it’s impossible for a baby to cover their face with it.

It’s the perfect gift for baby showers and more! By purchasing our sleeping bag, you are investing in the comfort and peace of your child. Enjoy every serene moment that our product brings to you and your little one.

(Note: Due to individual monitor settings, the color may slightly differ from that in the picture.)

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1 TOG (no filling), 1,5 TOG (cotton filling), 2,5 TOG (silicone filling)