Teddy toy basket – soft toys box – Taupe


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    • roomy basket for toys
    • has a side handle, making it easy to carry
    • thanks to the pull-off cover, it will hide toys, even the protruding ones
    • made of soft fabric, filled with foam – it can be folded and hidden
    • stiffened with foam
    • available in 9 colors
    • containers made of beautiful velvet that is easy to clean

    A container for storing kids toys and more. Hides the most used toys. Its size is adjusted to the height of kids, so they can easily put in and take out toys. Due to the single-color color, the containers can also be used in other rooms, e.g. in the bathroom as laundry containers.

    Made of safe fabrics with certificates

    COLOR: to choose from (the color may differ slightly from the pictures, due to the individual settings of the user’s monitor)
    MATERIAL: 100% polyester 
    INTERNAL MATERIAL: foam mattress
    DIMENSIONS: 35×45 cm (+/- 1 cm)
    Handmade product, made in Poland.

For safety reasons the product should be used under adult supervision.