Muslin baby wrap – milky white



The baby wrap is a product known and liked for generations. And no wonder! The wrap makes the newborn feel safe right after birth. It keeps the warmth, limits the space, and thanks to the tight wrap it reminds the toddler of the conditions in the mother’s belly during pregnancy. This form of wrapping allows the newborn to calm down in the sense of closeness.

The swaddle is made of high-quality double gauze cotton.

The most important features:
– consists of two mat elements (75×75 cm +/- 2 cm) and a long tape for tying
– material: made of safe, anti-allergic cotton
– available in colors: peanut, mocca, milky white, lilac (Due to individual monitor settings – the color may slightly differ from the one in the picture)
– filled with a soft, anti-allergic silicone fabric
– The product is sewn in our studio in Krakow – 100% handmade with love.

How to use the baby wrap to make it last longer?

Our baby wrap consists of two separate components: a mat and a tie. Thanks to this, we can use it for a long time. After folding the mat, the cone can be used as a topponcino – a mattress that makes it easier for the stretcher to feed the baby in the first moments of life. At the next stage of your baby’s development, you can use the baby wrap as the first mat for play and everyday activities, and the first bedding by choosing a flat baby pillow for the blanket.

Baby wrap in a layette for a toddler

The baby layette can be divided into the hospital one and the one waiting for the baby at home. Becik is very often required in the hospital to give birth to a baby immediately after birth and give it to a freshly baked mother. At home, you can use it to sleep with baby blankets. It is worth that the fabrics that touch the skin of the newborn should be natural, they allow for free air flow, the baby’s skin breathes.
Our tip: If your little one has hiccups, try to keep him warm by using a blanket and a swaddle at the same time!