Embroidered toddler bedding – ecru


size 100×135/40×60 cm


Soft, warm and breathable children’s bedding set with sewn-in filling. The bedding is made of high-quality cotton muslin.
The set includes a duvet and a pillow.
In the set, the pillow stays flat, making it safe even for babies. Bedding with filling for children has been additionally stitched, thanks to which the filling inside does not move.

In the bedding size 100×135/40×60 cm the pillowcase is removable, so you can decide when to change the pillow for a higher one.
Our tip: A higher pillow works well with a runny nose ;).

Natural bedding, i.e. one that has been sewn from natural fibers, is a great choice for children with sensitive or problematic skin. It is also suitable for small allergy sufferers. Thanks to natural fabrics, the skin breathes and the fabric does not electrify.
100×135/40×60 cm (the pillow has an insert and a pillowcase, the filling in the quilt is permanently sewn in)

COLOR: shades of white
MATERIAL: 100% cotton
FILLING: anti-allergic silicone non-woven fabric

Handmade product, made in Poland.