Doll's accessories

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Showing all 4 results

Doll’s accessories – hand-made, perfect for every girl

This category was created for children, girls who are willing to play the role of mothers. We know from experience that our kids love to observe us and do what we do. Thanks to babynests mini and doll’s bedding with filling, kids can take care of the dolls in the same way as mother, e.g. younger siblings. A doll babynest and frill bedding will be a perfect gift for a child’s day for a girl, a birthday gift for a toddler or a gift for the appearance of younger siblings.

Doll’s accessories – what makes them different?

The doll’s babynest is a soft bed for a doll made of embroidered fabric. Filled with anti-allergic filling. It is safe and will work in every child’s room. After the play is over, the doll’s cradle can be hidden in the child’s wardrobe. Although we know from experience that it will take place on the bed, so that the favorite doll or hero can be close all night.

Doll’s accessories – what are they made of?

Doll’s bedding is made of soft cotton, decorated with a light frill, filled with anti-allergic filling. Doll’s bedding can be used alone or with a cocoon in a mini version. The babynest and bedding for the doll are available in 3 colors: light beige, cream and dirty pink. Thanks to this, everyone can create a unique set for a little mother.