Set of baby bibs / scarves- Vintage Flowers –3pcs



Muslin bibs / scarves made of double gauze cotton. They work well in babies from around 3 months of age, when babies start to drool. This stage is the adaptation of the body to the consumption of solid food in the future. Later, bibs will also work well during teething, as salivation is increased during this time. The bib is fastened with press studs and is adjustable. For older children, it will work as a scarf while walking or taking meals.
The bibs are made of 2 layers of double gauze (they are four-layer). In addition, the outer layer has been additionally ‘wavy’ so that the bib will stay wet longer.

The set includes 3 bibs:
 100% cotton
COLOR: sandy, milky white, flowers

For safety reasons the product should be used under adult supervision.

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